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Don’t let your website get lost in the crowd – stand out with our SEO solutions that take you to the top.

SEO stands as a fundamental pillar of digital marketing, aimed at elevating your website’s visibility on search engines such as Google. SEO optimization enhances your website’s accessibility for search engines, making it more navigable and user-friendly. Websites that ranks at top positions on search engine result pages capture the majority share of impressions, clicks, and experience substantial traffic surges. The main reason for this phenomenon is users’ dependence on search engines to filter out low-quality and spam-filled websites from search results.

Being a experienced SEO service provider in Bangladesh, Algomindz offers businesses the opportunity to enhance their websites through our SEO services, reaping the benefits that range from enhancing credibility to optimizing your business growth strategies. Our team of SEO experts concentrates on crafting informative and keyword relevant title tags and meta descriptions, both of which prominently appear on result pages. Consequently, our SEO strategy pull you at the higher position, enhanced visibility, and an increased likelihood of conversions or sales.

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Effective keyword research is crucial for any marketing effort, determining which pages get the most attention. Our team of professionals will conduct extensive research to boost your website’s search engine results and attract visitors.


Our expert SEO Audit team can find any weaknesses in your website and marketing strategies, followed by laser-focused optimization. We will conduct thorough keyword research, and benchmark your website for making sure every link in the chain is strong.

On-Site Optimization

With our on-site optimization service, you can visualize our optimization methods implemented directly on your website’s pages. The services include meta-tag optimization, conversion rate improvements, and featured snippet optimization.


We will optimize your website’s technical infrastructure to ensure your website ranks higher in search engines. We will find and fix technical issues so that your website becomes fast, reliable, and easily crawlable by search engines.


Content optimization redesigns and revitalizes your website’s content for maximum relevance, engagement, and search engine presence. Our team will thoroughly analyze your website to help you make an impact in the current digital landscape.

Local SEO

Our Local SEO service can help your company with a physical location to serve a specific region. It optimizes your online visibility in local search results, ensuring maximum engagement with potential customers in your local area.


Engaging blog posts attract your desired customers and help to create your brand’s voice. Working together, our team of expert writers can craft blog posts that pursue your ideal customers, enrich your website content, and outshine your competitors.

Quality Link Building

We secure high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites, building a robust position in your industry and significantly developing your online presence through custom-tailored solutions. It can help you to gain new visitors rapidly.

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Why work with AlgoMindz?

Taking your business to the next level can be a daunting task, especially if you are competing to gain an upper hand in the digital marketing prospect. With so many companies providing SEO support, it can be quite hard to trust someone with your business’s online visibility. To help you reach your business objectives and expand your online visibility, Algomindz offers the best comprehensive SEO services available today.

So, join forces with Algomindz, an aspiring SEO-focused digital marketing agency, committed to delivering the best service from our accumulated years of experience. Our team of expert SEO specialists have experience over a decade and can formulate unique strategies unparalleled by any competitor. Our industry-proven track record showcases a gallery of success stories that clients have endorsed. We develop individualized plans based on your website’s requirements and business goals; these plans boost your business’s online presence and generate quantifiable results.

If you decide to work with us, expect transparent communication, timely delivery, and extraordinary customer service. Put your faith in us to help you reach new heights and explore the domain of success in the digital world.

Algomindz's tailored approach, transparency, and ethical SEO practices make them the top choice. Highly recommended for boosting website performance!

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Sawon Saha Owner

I can't praise Algomindz enough for their offsite SEO services. Their expertise has significantly boosted our website's ranking and overall success.

BDstall Owner

As the SEO Specialist at Digitech, partnering with Algomindz for offsite SEO services has been a game-changer. Their expertise and tailored approach have significantly boosted our clients' website rankings.


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OUR SEO Process

The initial step, which is both pivotal and time-intensive, involves identifying keyword phrases for optimization. During this phase, we strive to strike a delicate balance between two crucial factors: the high usage of keywords by people and their relatively low utilization in search engines compared to competitors.

The initial step, which is both pivotal and time-intensive, involves identifying keyword phrases for optimization. During this phase, we strive to strike a delicate balance between two crucial factors: the high usage of keywords by people and their relatively low utilization in search engines compared to competitors.

Gathering insight of current position and establishing objectives

Once we’ve determined the targeted keyword phrases for the client’s website and assessed its starting position in relation to competitors, we delve into comprehending the client site’s initial standing within search engines. This information not only informs us about areas in need of optimization but also provides a benchmark against which we can measure the subsequent campaign’s success. We also pay close attention to the client site’s traffic, examining the number of visitors, their sources, keywords used, bounce rates, and more. This data plays a vital role in shaping our ongoing marketing decisions.

Implementing Content Strategy

Google relies heavily on two critical signals for ranking websites: high-quality content and effective link building. When a website features high-quality content, it not only encourages visitors to stay but also gives them a reason to return if the content is engaging. Visitors typically seek information, and if your content successfully provides them with the information they need, it contributes positively to various site statistics. Consequently, delivering precisely what visitors are looking for yields numerous benefits from search engines, including increased credibility and higher search result rankings. Thus, our primary focus centers on creating quality content that is not only informative but also appealing to visitors.

Conducting Onsite Optimization

Enhancing your website’s onsite elements is crucial. For instance, it’s advisable to craft a more captivating page title than a generic “welcome.” Ideally, we aim to incorporate the targeted keyword phrase for that specific page and follow it with the company name.

After conducting keyword research, we strategically place these keywords in optimal locations. Placing a keyword in the title or heading proves more effective than burying it halfway down a paragraph. Additionally, using larger font sizes and bold text can emphasize the keyword’s importance and positively impact the page’s ranking for that particular phrase.

We meticulously construct a site map featuring a well-organized list of links to all essential pages on the website. Furthermore, we include a text link to the site map on the home page, facilitating easier indexing of the website when search engine bots crawl the page. Alt tags, used to describe images, are highly recommended for SEO purposes, even though this field can be left blank. Meta tags, situated prominently in the HTML, play a critical role in describing essential information about the website to search engines. This is particularly significant because, at times, the description from your meta tag plays a crucial role in how search engines display your website in search results. In addition to these elements, we address various technical issues, including site speed, security, and mobile responsiveness, which can significantly impact SEO efforts.

Offsite SEO and Branding

Given the substantial number of social media users worldwide (3.5 billion), we assist clients in creating social media posts and pages to drive traffic to their websites. This strategy results in an increase in organic traffic, consequently elevating the website’s overall statistics.

Quality backlinks are instrumental in SEO efforts. Multiple high-quality links to your website enhance the likelihood of both search engine bots crawling your site and visitors arriving for specific services. Google perceives these links as votes of confidence and rewards websites accordingly, provided the links are of high quality. To track inbound links, we employ tools like Google’s Search Console.

Analytics and Reporting

We regularly scrutinize site rankings, traffic, social signals, and other essential metrics to optimize the website and generate quantifiable results. This process is ongoing and conducted at regular intervals. The specific metrics employed in an SEO plan depend on the goals of the website.

Our Price

Choose Your Best Plan

We offer a range of services to fulfill your A to Z SEO requirements. We also offer customized strategies that will fit your specific business needs, goals, and most importantly your budget. Regardless of your plan, you are guaranteed to gain more customers, online visibility, and substantial revenue growth.


BDT 30,000

Per Month

10 Keywords


USD 300

Per Month

05 Keywords

Need a customized plan? Contact us for a custom solution to fit the needs of your business.

Our Price

Choose Your Best Plan

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BDT 15,000

Per Month

5 Keywords


BDT 30,000

Per Month

10 Keywords

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As an SEO service provider in Bangladesh, we’re more than just a team – we’re your dedicated collaborators in success. Our approach involves closely working with you to understand your unique needs. We’re not just here to provide solutions; we’re here to engage in open and insightful discussions.

Together, we’ll explore your goals, dive into your industry, and brainstorm innovative ideas. Our aim is to create customized SEO strategies that align perfectly with your objectives. We don’t settle for generic approaches; we’re dedicated to tailoring our services to your vision.

So, let’s begin the dialogue. Reach out to us, and let’s embark on this partnership.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Website Audit?

A website audit refers to the thorough analysis of a website to draw out its vulnerabilities. It examines a website’s smooth functioning, full-proof security, and seamless end-user experience. 

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is the same as general SEO service that specifically aims to increase online visibility and traffic in local search results.

How Long Does SEO Take to See Results?

After the implementation of SEO strategies, the time frame to see results can largely depend on factors such as the industry’s competitiveness, the website’s age, specific strategies, geographical location, etc. Generally, it can take around 4 to 6 months to see results and with more time the results become more prominent.

What is a Custom SEO Service?

A custom SEO service is specifically designed to address the needs of a website. It involves formulating unique SEO strategies so that the company’s website can benefit from them.

How Much Does SEO Service Cost?

The cost of SEO services can largely vary depending on your requirements.
Our SEO packages cost starts from BDT 30,000 per month in Bangladesh, and $300 per month in the Global market for startups, small businesses to  medium and large businesses. For custom packages it can be 100,000 BDT/USD or more.

What Should I Expect from My SEO Company?

Your SEO company should be providing in-depth keyword research, on-page/off-page optimization, content generation, and comprehensive analytics and reports. They should maintain a proper communication channel and transparent approach.

Is it Worth it Hiring Search Engine Optimization Services?

Search engine optimization services are worthwhile since they raise a website’s profile in search engines, which in turn attracts more visitors, who are more likely to become paying customers. The necessity of SEO services has become much more prominent due to the immense competition in the digital landscape.